Cooking up the BBQ You love.

In The Beginning

This Micro Company had It's beginning with a simple request to Cater for a small Party of Friends and It has grown over the Years to where We are Today.

I have worked Other Catering Gigs with some of My Great Friends Who are also Users of The Black Barrel BBQ and working Together We have cooked up some Great Food that Everybody loved.

Today We have quite the Collection of BBQ Units We can create awesome BBQ Food upon You have come to enjoy. We have Our 11 Black Barrel BBQ's, 2 different Pellet Smokers, Our Lang Generation 1 84 Deluxe Reverse Flow Smoker and Our Weber Kettles.

Keeping the Business Micro keeps It fun with out the huge Overhead and Headaches.

History of the Black Barrels

The Black Barrel BBQ has a long standing History of being a very reliable cooker for Beef Tri Tip, Chicken and many Other Meat Products. This versatile Cooker can be taken on Camping Trips or Family Outings and has been around many a Deer Camp cooking not only the Meat in Deer Camp but Breads, Pies, Cakes and Other Goodies.

We have 11 Of These Black Barrels also AKA The Ugly Drum Smoker We can utilize for Your Event if needed.

Our Specialty with These Barrels is Beef Tri Tip, St Louis Style Ribs, Pork Butt, Pork Cushion Roast and Chicken Halves or Leg Quarters.

Yes We Cater!

Yes We love to Cater and We love doing Those Special Events that bring joy into Your Life.

You can contact us at to request a Catering Menu and Our Catering Information Packet.

We kindly request all potential Clients to fill out as completely as possible and return so We can provide You with a proper Bid for Your Event.